Usonia Collection

Designed to control costs, Frank Lloyd Wright developed a series of homes he called Usonian... The word Usonia is an abbreviation for United States of North America. Wright aspired to create a democratic, distinctly American style that was affordable for the "common peopleā€ with simplicity and craftsmanship. In this spirit the Usonia cabinets were created featuring simple lines and honest craftsmanship. Speaking to organic design, we have created this collection using the renewable rubber tree, also called plantation wood. Trees once used only for their valuable latex have been found to be a usable hard wood giving them a second life. Plus they mature within 5 to 6 years, a short time frame to achieve reforestation. With a wood grain very similar to mahogany, the rubber tree is both beautiful and sustainable.
Functional and attractive Lazy Susan.
The beauty of the renewable Rubber Tree.
A perfect punctuation to wall or base cabinets.
Usonia vanities offer traquil beauty.
Quality Without the Wait